On ice lessons

BEGINNERS: The Oakland Skate School Learn to Speedskate program, Saturdays 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. is the place to start if you have limited experience. The 15-week series is approximately $180. (Please check the Oakland skate school webite. These lessons might not be available.) There is no additional coaching fee. A limited selection of rental speed skates are available. If you are renting skates, you must tell the cashier that you are renting SPEED SKATES so Northern California Speedskating receives the credit. Some skating ability is required. Coaches from Northern California Speedskating Association teach basic speedskating. Skaters should wear warm clothing that does not restrict movement, and helmets and gloves.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Lessons are not available at this time. Speed skating lessons are not welcome at local ice rinks during public skating sessions. Skaters from other groups have been asked to leave, or have been banned, due to failure to follow rink rules.

It is possible to arrange a lesson on ice, but it is expensive. $100 coaching fee, plus $50 daily fee the coach must pay to the rink, plus skate rental, plus your entry fee makes this an expensive option. Because of crowds during public skating time, these lessons are not a realistic option.

PLEASE NOTE: Private lessons are NOT available during the speed sessions hosted by Northern California Speedskating Association. Mary skates and gets her workout at the speed sessions! Limited instruction will be provided to the group of attendees at no cost.

Speed skaters attending public skating sessions must maintain a safe speed and watch for other skaters. Speed skating has been banned at various local ice rinks due to the carelessness of speed skaters going too fast and not following rules.