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Mary Wong started this training program to provide private and group lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area for people who want to learn to speedskate, and improve their skills, strength, and endurance.

Mary is certified by US Speedskating.

Mary has been assisting at speed skating sessions for Northern California Speedskating since 2006. She has experience teaching skaters of all ages at the Oakland Skate School, informally at the local speedskating sessions, and six years coaching high school and Catholic Youth Organization cross-country and track and field. Mary also draws from her experiences racing, attending skating camps and clinics with national coaches, and training with national- and olympic-level coaches and skaters.

For more information about US Speedskating certification programs go to their website.

Mary is currently on the Amateur Speedskating Union Foundation Board of Directors and is an adviser to the US Speedskating Coaching Task Force. She is also Executive Director of the Speedskating Museum.

Photo: left to right: Ryan Shimabukuro and Shani Davis pose for a photo with Mary and Greg Wong at the Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah, 2015.

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